About Ashley

Aesthetic Specialist in Stone Mountain, GA

Kennedy Ashley

My name is Kennedy Ashley, and I am the owner of Pleasures of Beautee LLC. I specialize in body sculpting as well as skincare. Pleasures of Beautee’s mission is to improve the lives of our client’s by improving self-confidence and happiness within. I am committed to deliver high quality care and compassion based upon each client need. As an educated skincare specialist, we provide personalized facials based on skin types and conditions such as mature/aging, sensitive, dry, acne, oily, and combination skin. We also offer full body waxing. As a body sculpting specialist, we offer wood therapy, fat dissolving injections, laser lipo, lipo cavitation, RF skin tightening, needless lip fillers, ice sculpting, post op care, lymphatic massages, lymphatic drainage, butt and hip enhancement, and vacuum therapy. Furthermore, I am a certified body
sculpting instructor who offers beginner classes and masterclasses.

Classes are offered weekly based on appointment. Our mentorship program is extended to business owners who are looking to get the proper tools and knowledge to be successful in their business. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Pleasures of Beautee by visiting our website or call us at 678-835-7588.

4.9375 / 5 Stars